When did we arrive?

Dr Rukshana Nanji examines the historical and archeological evidence of the Zoroastrian, Christian and Islamic connections with India
Farrokh Jijina

"Why would any king be surprised to see Zoroastrians in Sanjan in 936 CE?” asked independent researcher-archeologist Dr Rukshana Nanji of her audience at The K. R. Cama Oriental Institute (KRCOI) on September 20, 2019.  "Sanjan was already in its heyday then, with multiple cultural influences… anyway, a king would be generally welcoming of foreigners if he saw economic benefit.” Nanji was speaking on "The Flame in India: The Migration and Settlement of Parsis in India,” the third in the Government Research Fellowship lecture series of the Institute for 2018-19. Her two previous lectures were on the movement of early......

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