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“The parents”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Berjis Desai’s piece "The parents” (Unforgettable Bawas, Parsiana, November 7-20, 2019). Desai has paid a truly fitting tribute to Dinyar and Behroze (in real life Dinshaw and Bachi Tamboly), for the untiring, selfless and humane mission they have undertaken to relieve the sufferings of fellow Zoroastrians in the backward villages of Gujarat.  The thoroughness with which the couple has taken care to provide the poverty stricken needy with necessary assistance to lead a decent and dignified life is admirable. This covers proper housing, electricity, sanitation, sewerage and drainage, water supply and education for their children. Furthermore, they also advise them and provide funds to set them up in fruitful enterprises such as dairy and poultry farming, running auto rickshaws, etc. This is a truly holistic approach to uplift these families and bring them into the mainstream. That like-minded Parsis have joined the team and funds are pouring in for the successful implementation of this program comes as no surprise. Dinshaw and Bachi have surely ensured a place for themselves in heaven. AVA KHULLAR Delhi  ...

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