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Who is a Parsi?

It would be interesting and a learning experience for me to hear the views of Parsiana’s readers on whether a Parsi automatically qualifies to be a Zoroastrian by wearing the sudreh/kusti, praying several times a day, going to the agiary on special occasions, etc. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that such a person is full of bad thoughts, bad words and avoids good deeds. Currently, such a person can reside in the Parsi baugs, be admitted to the B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital, worship at Udvada, etc. But a Zoroastrian who devotes her/his life to good words, thoughts and deeds, is kind to animals and preserves nature, but is not a Parsi, cannot reside in the baugs, etc! I do realize that Parsi means a "community” and Zoroastrian denotes a person’s religion. Nonetheless, at 83, I am confused and seek the views of readers. NAWSHIR DARA KHURODY ...

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