Freddie for a week

Zal Bahadurji’s uncanny resemblance to the young Freddie Mercury made him the perfect choice to play the young musician in a documentary
Meher Tarapore

In a brilliant stroke of casting 19 years ago, filmmaker Rudi Dolezal selected young Zal Bahadurji to play his good friend Freddie Mercury, the iconic frontman of the rock group Queen who had died in1991, in his definitive documentary Freddie Mercury — The Untold Story which was released in 2000. One has only to look at a photograph of young Bahadurji, then nearly 11 years of age, to immediately notice his uncanny resemblance to Mercury. The slim build, the soft eyes, and the slightly buck teeth made him the perfect choice for the role. Add to that Mercury’s and Bahadurji’s......

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