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Subscribers’ views on Parsiana/the community as expressed on the subscription renewal form are published. Unless another name is affixed to the remarks, Parsiana assumes they are written by the subscriber. Very informative, interesting and topical. COOMIE ERUCH DESAI Parsiana is doing yeoman service for our fast dwindling community. Your serious attempt to educate the more orthodox in our community to change their rigid views is much appreciated.                                             NANI B. JAVERI Parsiana tells me all I need to know about my community. It provides the pluses and minuses to give me a balanced view. Stay unbiased.                        BEHRAM MADON Secunderabad Excellent job you all are doing, Keep it up! Ahura Mazda bless us all. KAMAL YEZDI MEHTA Your continuous efforts to bring about change are commendable, despite the no-changers. To accept change requires open minds to understand reality. Keep it up!                               NARIMAN E. MEHTA Parsiana is very informative, educative and gradually leading us from being Parsi Zarathushtis to global Zarathushtis. Look before you leap!       Dr BAHADUR D. MUNSHI Ahmedabad Great job. Very interesting reading. Thank you!                MITHOO S. PANTHAKEY Kudos to team Parsiana! May Ahura Mazda saheb increase your breed. God  bless.                                      RASHID PATEL Getting better and better. And glossier. BAHADUR S. POSTWALLA Calcutta...

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Very informative on community affairs
- Shapour B Badri
- 26-Jun-2020


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