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"BPP accounts, at last"

On the subject of "BPP accounts, at last" (Events and Personalities, Parsiana, December 7, 2018), having retired nearly 13 years ago as the chief executive officer of BPP, I can’t comment on the figures, but believe that unless the BPP improves its image as a house divided against itself, the donations received will not improve. As regards the legal expenses, the then trustee Burjor Antia, an eminent solicitor, and I both suggested to the full board that a comprehensive review of all the pending suits be undertaken and close those where we have no chance to win. The BPP had a perverse attitude to litigate. The present board should appoint Mulla and Mulla and Craigie Blunt and Caroe to undertake a comprehensive, independent review to minimize the legal expenses. Every sore has a salve.   BEHRAM T. DASTUR  ...

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