Insler’s interpretations

Prof Stanley Insler (pictured), a giant in the field of Gatha studies (among other fields), departed this life on January 4, 2019 at 81 years of age. A world renowned scholar of ancient Indo-Iranian languages and texts (including Avestan), one of his insights concerning Pali, the oldest language of the Buddhist canon, is enshrined in Indo-Iranian linguistics as "Insler’s Law.” For his professional colleagues, his life is worth celebrating because of his awesome linguistic credentials which enabled pioneering contributions in understanding Indo-European languages, including Avestan. His 1975 translation of the Gathas — widely recognized as a modern standard — opened......

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I had the opportunity to listen to what likely was one of Dr Insler's last public presentations not long before his passing. It was in New York, at the lovely new dar-e-mehr there. Ms McIntyre's heartfelt tribute is well-deserved. Sad also that another stalwart scholar and well-wisher of Zoroastrianism, Dr Hinnells, passed away about the same time, as did our own inspirational Dr Irani.
- Porus Cooper
- 09-Mar-2019