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“Race and reason”

I would like to express my appreciation for Yezdyar S. Kaoosji’s excellent article "Race and reason” (Parsiana, October 7-20, 2019). His views are identical to mine and those of many of my friends — both Parsis and others. Yes, we are heading rapidly to self-inflicted extinction! Why? Yes, we refuse to receive funds and assistance that would make The B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital a world class facility. Why? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind! Then again, I think that the finest purpose and goal is goodness and tolerance — as also the respect for privacy. Religions are only pathways to these attributes. Hence, and sadly, instead of getting rid of our prejudices and blind spots, people are using religion, race, etc to reinforce them. The tenets of good thoughts, words and deeds speak for themselves. We do not need to explain these in any context or faith.                      NAWSHIR KHURODY ...

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