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“Fighting fear”

In your Editorial Viewpoint ("Fighting fear,” Parsiana, January 7-20, 2020) you have rightly pointed out that bigotry runs riot in our community. I have said this before in Parsiana, and I reiterate that the treatment meted out to interfaith married couples and their progeny, especially when a woman is married to a non-Zoroastrian, is deplorable and against the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution. The conservative animus against interfaith unions has been converted into an illegal tool that ends up persecuting and targeting certain people while turning a blind eye and a deaf ear when it suits them. My immediate family and I have been at the receiving end of this victimization. It has cost us dearly, both financially and emotionally, and is causing needless friction/divisions within the family. People, the world over, including in India, have accepted and included with open arms interfaith marriages and the progeny thereof, as well as those wanting to adopt Zoroastrianism. Let the dogmatists open their eyes and see the writing on the wall before it is too late.                     DIANA PATELL Poona

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