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“A question of survival”

In her article, "A question of survival” (Parsiana, March 7-20, 2020), Khorshed Javeri has put into logical, simple, rational and clear words what every Parsi and their friends need to realize. The question remains as to why such an "enlightened community” (in the views of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi) is so heavily weighed down by the prejudices and closed, narrow minds of some of its members?                       NAWSHIR KHURODY Khorshed Javeri’s "A question of survival” (Parsiana, March 7-20, 2020), written from the heart, hits the nail on the head. The misconceptions prevalent in Parsi thought, rituals and behavior have their roots in rural Gujarat where the caste differential determined our space in the societal hierarchy. This continues in the orthodox elements of Bombay Parsis who are loath to forego this perceived privilege. We will survive and the truth shall prevail as long as rational and logical thought of the good mind, as espoused by Zoroaster, lives on.              HOMI IRANI

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