Cross-collaboration at the Congress

The 7WZYC offered an opportunity to the youth to introspect and interact
Ava Damri

Often, our community feels small, and our problems feel different from society’s at large because Zoroastrians feel disconnected from their non-Zoroastrian peers, or worse, distance themselves from their own culture. The Zoroastrian religion is rooted in environmental purity with prayers for plants, mountains, water, fire… yet we are not visibly on the frontlines of combating global climate change. That is why the organizers of the Seventh World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (7WZYC) that was held in Los Angeles from July 1 to 6, 2019 (see "We cannot stand still,” Parsiana, August 21-September 6, 2019) included a panel titled, "Can Zoroastrians Solve......

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