The making of Maska

The director and cast speak about their preparations for portraying characters in the film that highlights the dying culture of Irani cafés
Kashmeera Sambamurthy

Bun maska is like vada pav,” explained Neeraj Udhwani, scriptwriter and director of Maska, when asked by Parsiana on email on April 1, 2020 about this mouthwatering snack that plays a major role in the film that released on Netflix on March 27. Every Irani café has its own way of preparing it, and munching on bun maska along with a cup of piping hot chai is pure delight, he added. "Not everyone opts to eat a full Parsi meal. Bun maska is something even vegetarians can enjoy. This is what led to finalization of the title,” said the writer. Having......

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