Physicist and painter

To physicist Dr Nariman Mistry, more important than any of his professional or personal achievements was the guidance he could offer his children, hoping he had taught them morality, integrity and pride in their accomplishments. In keeping with his life and values, the family requested that following his demise at the age of 83 on July 1, 2021 at his residence in Ithaca, New York, instead of flowers, a tree be planted or a donation be made to Doctors Without Borders, a cause he supported. During his nearly four decades of association with Cornell University, his career focused on particle physics......

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Dear Parinaz, this is SUCH an inspiring story. May I place it - with of course full credit to Parsiana and to you as the writer - in Karachi's month newsletter What's On. Do let me know.<br><br>With my best wishes always<br>Sunnu
- Sunnu Golwalla
- 08-Sep-2021