Mystery of a martyr’s memorial

How a marble bust of Dr Cawas Lalcaca, who was accidently shot dead in London, found its way to Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College
Shubhada Pandya

In the Parsi community’s pantheon of medical heroes of the British colonial era, two stand tall, namely Drs Kaikhoshhro Nasarvanji Bahadurji (1860-1898) and Cawas Kharshedji (or Cursetji) Lalcaca (1862-1909). Both had a connection with the Bombay Presidency and its capital city, and both were valorized in the manner of their respective deaths. In 1931 the Staff Society of the Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas (G. S.) Medical College at Parel, Bombay was named after Bahadurji, and a "Bahadurji Memorial Scholarship for Proficiency in Surgery” was endowed and awarded annually to a student of the College after a competitive examination. The Scholarship is still......

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