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Respect nature

Please respect our universe. We humans thought we were more powerful and could conquer any part of this world and other planets as well. But the tiniest invisible form of life, the coronavirus, seems to be controlling us right now. Where has our so-called power gone? We have given mother earth a lot of pain by use of plastics, harmful chemicals and pesticides, to mention just a few examples. So, in return, we get deadly viruses. Humans must learn a lesson from this. We must conserve our water resources, maintain fresh air by growing more trees and taking care of birds and animals. If we respect nature, our planet will be a much better, healthier place to live on. Zoroaster’s core teachings include the threefold path of asha: humata, hukhta and huvarshta which mean good thoughts, good words and good deeds. These are the key to a good life. JASMINE M. BARIA Surat ...

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