Mentor to many

Died: Ervad Asphandiar Rustomji Dadachanji (pictured), 82, panthaky of Bombay’s Mody Sorabjee Vachaghandhy Agiary, trustee of the Athornan Mandal (AM) and Athravan Education Trust, and Sanjan’s Kukadaru Dar-e-Meher, on October 22, 2021, in Bombay, of abdominal sepsis. "He prayed like the buzorg (venerated) mobeds of Navsari,” wrote Dastur (Dr) Firoze M. Kotwal, High Priest of the H. B. Wadia Atash Behram in a note to Parsiana. He felt Dadachanji "exemplified all the virtues and exhaustive skills of a well-trained Bhagaria priest” known for his liturgical training and the recitation of prayers by rote. "I came to look upon him as a perfect......

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