The illegitimate father

He hobnobbed with the maharajas, captains of industry, British rulers, his fellow lawyers, financiers and the pioneers of India’s nascent film industry. Being the son of a wealthy philanthropist and landowner in undivided India provided him with seed money and oodles of confidence. His tall and dashing personality, diplomacy, playboy charm and three-piece Savile Row suits made him the center of attraction. Here was a rare combination of brains, good looks, emotional intelligence, native shrewdness and ancestral wealth. God had bestowed on him everything a man yearns for. When his father died suddenly at a Mediterranean port while on a......

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This seems to be a profile of FE Dinshaw. Are all these facts correct? How much is speculation? Curious to know the sources.
- Dina Nayar
- 07-Sep-2019