Grace and grit

Netflix has released scriptwriter and director Sooni Taraporevala’s Yeh Ballet, a tale of two young male ballet dancers
Farrokh Jijina

  "Two years from the time I started researching the film up to its release… I was on the job every single day.” That is how long screenwriter and director Sooni Taraporevala’s second directorial venture Hindi-English Yeh Ballet was in the making, she told Parsiana in a telephonic conversation on March 7, 2020. A Siddharth Roy Kapur production, the film was released on February 21 on streaming platform Netflix. The one-hour-57-minute movie tells the true story of two Bombay boys, Manish Chauhan and Amiruddin Shah (Nishu and Asif in the movie) from modest backgrounds who overcome family opposition on religious and......

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