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“Lineup of legends”

Your article "Lineup of legends”  (Parsiana, October 21-November 6, 2020) was very informative, and evocative of the life of many Parsis who were working for the railways. On the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway, Surat was the first stop after Bombay, where the guards and engine drivers finished their duties and handed over to new officials for the onward journey. On the Bombay-Surat sector, almost all the guards and engine drivers were Parsis. Many had settled in Surat where accommodation and the cost of living were cheaper. Several of my uncles and cousins worked on this sector. I was fascinated to see the cover photo of two Parsi gentlemen whose names you did not identify. The gentleman on the left is my uncle (masa) Nadirshaw Rana (pictured bottom l) who was the first Indian to be appointed the station master of the Churchgate station. A strict disciplinarian, he was highly respected in the community.                          MINOO MODY   ...

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