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“Brain booster”

I enjoyed reading "Brain booster” (Zoroastrians Abroad, Parsiana, September 21-October 6, 2020) which prompted me to try my hand at setting similar puzzles.  Hidden in the following sentences are the names of cities or places associated with the Zoroastrian history or where Parsis have or had settled in fairly good numbers. Example, ever heard of sour dates? Answer: Surat 1. Ahmed is really not a bad boy.  2. This year Navratri saris are gorgeous.  3. Sudden war dampened our spirit.  4. Dollar is not at par with dinar.  5. These bull fights are a cruel sport.  6. That Saturday in January was a memorable day.  7. Percy, on seeing the police, started running.  8. Lo and behold, the Don is back.  9. This back road is treacherous with herds of cows and calves.  10. This back road is dangerous.  11. Tehmy and her friend ran fast but lost the race.  12. The foxes lived in a den in the forest.  13. Divine powers urged the faithful Zoroastrians to leave their country.  14. Far from over, the rainy season continued.  15. Board exams kept the sports activity at bay.  16. So we started a sports club immediately. (See end of the column for answers) PEARLYN REPORTER  ...

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