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Wadia Baug plot

I am happy to note as a regular reader of Parsiana that the magazine focuses a lot on Parsi properties. I refer to a plot virtually attached to the A. H. Wadia Baug in Parel which I am given to understand belongs/belonged to the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) since maybe the past five decades or more. I am also given to understand that discussions between stalwarts of Wadia Baug and the BPP trustees on utilizing this plot for a club have not crystallized. A day might come sooner than later when it will be argued: "What is the purpose of having a club for Parsi Zoroastrians when there are so few left?” Time is ticking away for the elderly in the community. They need a club for recreation and to rejuvenate them before the Lord above blows the whistle.  KERSI DHONDY  ...

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