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“We are one”

In "We are one” (Editorial Viewpoint, Parsiana, October 7-20, 2019), regarding the general body elections to the Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman (IZA) in Bombay on September 29, 2019 (pictured), it is mentioned: "Only the Bombay seats were contested; for all the other areas, the number of contestants and the seats available were the same.” In "Events and Personalities,” in the same issue, it is stated: "No elections were held for the other 23 seats from other 18 or 19 cities of Iran as the number of candidates and the number of seats was the same.” We wish to clarify that the other 23 seats are for candidates/representatives from 19 villages/clusters of villages/cities in Iran. A few villages/cities are to be represented by two candidates each. The IZA had received 19 nominations/applications for the 23 seats and these 19 candidates were elected uncontested. The remaining four seats were declared vacant to be filled up by nomination from candidates from Bombay or other villages/cities in Iran to be appointed by the elected members of the general committee at their first meeting after the elections.                          K. J. KANGA Secretary and treasurer, Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman  ...

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