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Subscribers’ views on Parsiana/the community as expressed on the subscription renewal form are published. Unless another name is affixed to the remarks, Parsiana assumes they are written by the subscriber. Good information pertaining to our religion.                  BOMI SORABJI BACHA I have been subscribing to Parsiana for the last several decades and feel delighted to receive every issue. Even the old issues retain their charm — because our values don’t change — nor do our controversies! RUSTOM H. CURSETJI Vadodara Very informative and honest publication. Thank you.                            VISPY DALAL I always look forward to reading the Parsiana issues as they are full of information about what’s happening......

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Parsiana is a very informative magazine and keeps one update on the happenings in the community inside India and overseas. Would welcome if Parsiana would report in its next issue of the murder of a North American Iranian Moded under mysterious circumstances in Iran a week or so ago.
- Shapour B Badri
- 05-Aug-2020


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