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Reviving Surat’s hospital

The Sheth Rustomji Dhanjibhai Tarachand Surat Parsi General Hospital (pictured) situated in the heart of Surat’s Parsi dominated area completed 100 years of glorious service on December 31, 2019. The birth place of many dignitaries of our small community, including the vada dasturs of Udvada and Surat, this charitable institution needs to be revived with the restoration of old buildings and construction of new ones on the large vacant space available there. The late Dr Kersi Dastur, the pioneer of open heart surgery in India, was the son of Dr Nusserwanji Dastur, the first resident medical officer at the Surat Parsi General Hospital and was born at Bai Gulbai Nusserwanji Mehta Parsi Maternity Hospital (established in 1916) in Surat on November 21, 1917. In 1961 he successfully performed the very first open heart surgery in India with an indigenous heart lung machine designed by himself. We are confident that with its revival the Surat Parsi General Hospital will become one of the best multispecialty hospitals providing cancer  treatment.        RAYOMAN SORABJI  ILAVIA Surat  ...

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