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NFL power rankings Week 2 2022: Big buffalo nfl shirt 6xl changes after first week

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The first week of the 2022 NFL regular season is complete, meaning it is time to update our power rankings for the league. One week in and we already have a new team at the top. Last week, the Buffalo Bills were securely locked into the top spot, then backed it nfl football jerseys buffalo bills up with a 31-10 demolishing of the fourth-ranked team heading into the week. How did the Bills smack the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams in the mouth and fall?

Because the other top team in the AFC also came out firing and showe buffalo bills store phone number d they were not done yet. The Kansas City Chiefs destroyed the Arizona Cardinals 44-21, and it was not even that close. The Bills and the Chiefs feel like they are a coin toss for the top spot right now, and this week, the Chiefs get the slight nod ahead of Buffalo.

The second week of power rankings always includes massive position changes as we all react to what we are seeing on the field. Maybe it is an overreaction to the most recent thing we have seen; maybe it was ranking a team too high or too low in the first place. Either way, we saw some massive leaps and colossal plummets this week. The Minn buffalo bills merchandise uk esota Vikings moved from 21 last week to six this week. In ranking them 21st last week, I wrote of the Vikings, “I NFL T-Shirts feel like the Vikings should be higher on this list, but I do not know where I would put them. They feel like a team that could land just about anywhere in the top 20 and you could make an argument for them at t NFL Watches hat spot.” I was not wrong and T J Watt Jerseys now they move all the way into the top ten.

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Going the other way are the Dallas Cowboys, moving from 13th last week to 29th this week. The Cowboys never looked in rhythm on Sunday night, and now not having Dak Prescott removes any confidence in the team’s ability to win. It is way too early in the season to think the Cowboys’ season is over, but there is no confidence in the team right now.

The Denver Broncos also see a tumble, falling from ninth to 19th. It is hard to figure out what the Broncos will be this year after the debacle they had on Monday Night Football. Maybe they n nfl buffalo bills jersey eed a couple of weeks to work out some of the kinks as Russell Wilson settles in as their quarterback, but they did not look like a team who is going to be a threat in a loaded AFC West in Week 1. And, they have to learn how and when to call timeouts. That was just a mess at the end of the game.

The Miami Dolphins are starting to move up and are just outside the top ten now. A win over the New England Patriots nfl flannel shirt buffalo bills in Week 1 is a great way to start the year in South Florida. They were led by their defense as the offense continues to develop into th Josh Jacobs Jerseys e new system under Mike McDaniel and with the new players like Tyreek Hill, Cedrick Wilson, Jr., Chase Edmonds, and Raheem Mostert, but they came away with a solid win.

Falling into the final spot in the rankings are the New York Jets. While the expectations were not sky-high for the Jets this year, there were expectations that they would be a better team than they have been over the past several seasons. In Week 1, they looked like the same-old Jets.

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Our power rankings here on The Phinsider are a collaborative effort. Josh Houtz and I create the rankings in a draft-style selection process. We l NFL Flags and Banners ook to answer the question, “Who will win the Super Bowl?” and then we select the team we best feel answers the question from the available teams.

I did the rankings solo last week, so I will give Houtz the first pick this week. He will cover the odd picks throughout the rankings, while I will take the even.

Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 2)Buffalo Bills (1)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3)Los Angeles Chargers (8)Baltimore Ravens (6)Minnesota Vikings (21)Los Angeles Rams (4)Philadelphia Eagles (14)Cincinnati Bengals (7)Green Bay Packers (5)Miami Dolphins (15)New Orleans Saints (19)San Francisco 49ers (10)Pittsburgh Steelers (20)Las Vegas Raiders (12)New England Patriots (16)Indianapolis Colts (11)Seattle Seahawks (22)Denver Broncos (9)Tennessee Titans (18)Cleveland Browns (24)Arizona Cardinals (17)New York Giants (27)Houston Texans (26)Washington Commanders (31)Detroit Lions (23)Chicago Bears (32)Carolina Panthers (25)Dallas Cowboys (13)Jacksonville Jaguars (30)Atlanta Falcons (29)New York Jets (28)

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