Phinsider Victory Of The buffalo bills t-shirt amazonWeek Live Thread Vol. 516

toddler boys nfl buffalo bills shirt NFL Decals Photo by Rich Tua Tagovailoa ard C. Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We have once again made it through another work week (for most of us) and now it’s time to kick back and celebrat buffalo bills with shirt e the arrival of the weekend. This thread is posted every Friday evening when we do not have something else going on like the draft or a live game thread. This post is yours, the site member aka one of our family here at the Phinsider. This post is your chance to shar buffalo bills merchandise australia e your own personal vi #55 buffalo bills ctory of the last week. Your victory can be something huge like the birth of a new child/grandchild or finally getting that NFL Beanies job or promo Jimmy Garoppolo Jerseys tion that you worked your rear off for. It can be a small thing like you won $100 on your lottery s NFL Helmets cratch-off ticket. Or maybe it was just an overall great week for you for some other reason and you wi buffalo nfl shirt qld sh to share. It’s your post and it’s your victory so please feel free to share it with the rest of the site in the comment section below.

Although this is one of our live threads meaning any subject is on the table, all site rules still apply.

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