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Phinsider Victory Of The Week Live Thread Vol. 50 nfl jersey buffalo long sleeve7

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlov NFC Championship Merchandise e-USA TODAY Sports

We have once again one buffalo shirt made it through another work week (for most of us) and buffalo bills smoke shop now it’s time to kick back and celebrate the arrival of the weekend. This thread is posted every Friday evening when we do not have something else going on like the draft or a live game thread. This post is yours, the site member aka one of our family here at the Phinsider. This post is your chance to share your own personal victory of the last week. Your victory can be something huge like the birth of a new child/grandch Kids NFL Clothing ild Erin Andrews Apparel or finally getting that job or promotion that you worked your rear off for. It can be a small thing like you won $100 on #50 buffalo bills your lottery scratch-off ticket. Or maybe it was just an overall great week for you for some other reason and you wish to share. It’s your post and it’s your victory so 5t buffalo bills please feel free to share with the Patrick Mahomes rest of the site in the comment section below.

Although this is one of our live threads meaning any subject is on the NFL Shorts table, all site rules still apply.

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