Bharuch to New Bombay

The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled that the adaran fire from Bharuch’s languishing Pestonji Aslaji Doongaji Agiary can be moved to New Bombay’s Shirinbai and Khurshedji Hormusji Doongaji Daremeher, confirmed the lone trustee of the south Gujarat agiary, Cyrus Doongaji to Parsiana on August 1, 2019. The shift is to take place after the monsoon.

Doongaji stated that the dadgah fire continues in the Bharuch premises as promised. "This was a commitment made when the legal proceedings were started in 1992 and we intend to honor that,” he affirmed.

This case was assisted when all the five high priests Dasturs (Dr) Firoze Kotwal, Khurshed Dastoor, Cyrus Dastur, (Dr) Jamasp JamaspAsa and Kaikhusru Ravji, the 18th Meherjirana "gave affidavits that shifting of holy fires is not against the religion,” said Doongaji. The dasturs "narrated instances where holy fires have been moved in the past… and that a holy fire must be actually worshipped,” not forsaken, he stated. "Not a single person comes to worship in the (Doongaji) agiary,” stated the trustee. "When I go there, I ask the caretaker to open the premises for me.”

The Parsi population of Bharuch is now 80 to 85, of which 40 individuals are over 75, he stated, quoting recent figures from the anjuman. Besides the Doongaji Agiary, there are three other fire temples in Bharuch.

File photo of Doongaji Agiary