Covid - 19 - Announcement from Prayer Hall

"The process we are following today and which has now been agreed with the authorities is that the mortal remains are kept in the ambulance bearing the body, which is parked in the car park adjoining the (Worli) Prayer Hall, while the Geh Sarna Prayers are being recited. Thereafter the body is consigned to the crematorium and must be carried only by the ambulance attendants and relatives cannot approach the body. Thereafter all subsequent prayers will be performed in the Prayer Hall as before,” notes a statement issued on May 29 by the trustees of the Prayer Hall Services and Maintenance Trust. The corpses of those whose deaths are attributed to Covid-19 have to be cremated or buried with certain safeguards. As burial is not permitted at Doongerwadi, Parsis have to opt for cremation.

"Since our Prayer Hall at Worli adjoins a crematorium if relatives are keen on the performance of the first four days’ prayers for the deceased, they could request the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) authorities, who may otherwise take the body to any crematorium of their choice, to allow them to bring the body of the deceased person to our Prayer Hall,” the trustees clarified.

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet also issued a statement on May 27 that prayers for those deceased due to Covid-19 could be performed at fire temples.

The Prayer Hall trustees further note, "The present regulations permit only a maximum of 20 persons to attend any obsequies and therefore we have been requesting relatives to restrict the numbers attending to 10, because the authorities may also include priests and other staff at the Prayer Hall within the limit prescribed. We are keeping the stipulated distance between attendees seated in the Hall and insisting on all wearing masks."

For further clarifications or assistance community members are advised to contact the Trust’s coordinator Ervad Framroze Mirza any time on 8691012488, 9821421593 or 7721911359