No confidence in BPP chairman

"As sitting trustee, I would move a vote of no confidence in the chairman and take steps to rein him in before he goes completely berserk and destructive,” stated Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) trustee Noshir Dadrawala in a WhatsApp message to community members.

What triggered his attack on BPP chairman Yazdi Desai was Desai’s "arbitrary” decision to sponsor the annual BPP jashan on this January 4th. He reportedly told the staff "that he will invite only those trustees that he likes or wants as it is being sponsored by him.”

He also decided "cash awards/rewards to his loyal subjects/staff." "In my opinion it is a disastrous start made by the ‘Chairman by Default’ to the year 2019. His autocratic behavior has reached an all-time low... He owes his apology to all his colleagues and the community,” wrote Dadrawala.

Dadrawala’s threat is not an empty one. According to the Scheme for the Election of Trustees of the Funds and Immoveable Properties of the Parsee Punchayet of Bombay, "if all the trustees other than the trustee senior most in office, resolve not to designate the trustee senior most in office as chairman, then simultaneously the trustees shall elect by a majority vote (including the vote of the trustee senior most in office) one of the trustees as the chairman. A trustee elected as a chairman shall continue to be so designated until the expiry of his term of office.”

Desai has/had till recently the support of the BPP trustee Kersi Randeria, thereby ensuring his position as chairman. But of late the relationship between the two has soured, largely because of Desai’s tendency to act unilaterally and arbitrarily. If a motion for no confidence were moved and Randeria supported the call, the other five trustees would also support Dadrawala. There is a little love lost between them and Desai. If Desai is removed from chairmanship he will also lose the chairmanship of the The Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India and the Global Working Group as and when the meetings are held in Bombay.

Desai poohed poohed Dadrawala’s suggestion stating "if Noshir Dadarawala feels this (BPP staff jashan) warrants a no confidence motion, he is really out of his mind.”