Hospital update: April 3, 2019: Doctors appeal

Hospital update: An appeal to Hong Kong based donors Pervin and Jal Shroff and the Gurgaon based Medanta Group "to extend their time limit till better reason, understanding, good will and harmony prevail” has been made by 37 doctors associated with the B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH).

The Shroffs and Medanta had given the PGH management till March 31 to resolve differences within the community. After that their commitment would stand withdrawn. The Shroffs have pledged USD 22.5 million to construct a new cosmopolitan hospital to be run by Medanta. An annual amount and a percentage of the turnover of the new venture could accrue to PGH. Two parties have filed appeals before the Charity Commissioner opposing the proposal.

In a letter addressed to the Parsi Press dated April 2, 2019 the leading members of the medical fraternity stated "We the consultant doctors of the PGH are aware that the PGH is at the edge of a precipice, its long term existence is at stake (and that of) the healthcare of the community, specifically of the poor and needy…

"We are fully aware of the shortcoming of our Hospital, and know these are due to unavoidable financial reasons, in spite of the robust efforts of the president and executive committee of the PGH, behind whom we stand in full support and understanding.

"We are aware and vocal that the Hospital is poorly equipped to run with total efficiency... We are aware of the ground reality – too small a community to make costly equipment viable, crippled by rising cost and pay structures, for in the end ‘Costly thy coat as thy purse can buy.’

"Our criticism and ire are constantly directed to the management, but in our hearts we ask, in which land, if any, has one family (the Petits) donated, secured donations, labored, struggled to the utmost limit of their capacity to sustain a Hospital that has served a community in every aspect of healthcare for 107 years…

"The project is facing a time limit. Every project has its naysayers, skeptics, detractors, opponents. We the doctors beseech them to relook, with a true and open mind, that all aspects of the community welfare are secure, and then be honest and fair and permit the project to go through with their blessings. Please understand that we doctors have no personal stake, but we see and try to help the plight of the community everyday and we know this is the Hospital’s and community’s last chance for survival. Please do not destroy the Hospital, do not do irreparable harm to the community.”

The signatories to the letter are Doctors F. E. Udwadia, T. E. Udwadia, D. M. Anklesaria, P. D. Hakim, R. P. Soonawala, (Ms) P. P. Hakim, K. S. Adrianwala, B. B. Pardiwala, D. D. Nicholson, (Ms) P. F. Desai, B. B. Ichaporia, K. P. Balsara, N. K. Tibrewala, Z. F. Udwadia, (Ms) A. M. Havewala, D. F. Soonawala, (Ms) A. C. Contractor, (Ms) Anahita Pundole, K. K. Dadachanji, Khojasteh Dastoor, K. M. Mody, (Ms) V. N. Bamboat, G. J. Bhagat, A. R. Nazir, J. D. Sunavala, S. A. Golwalla, S. P. Vatcha, (Ms) C. N. Dubash, F. J. Master, P. F. Soonawala, J. J. Bunshah,. F. R. Soonawala, K. B. Kapadia, (Ms) Daisy V. Jokhi, (Ms) Mahinoor Desai, Rustom A. Mody and (Ms) Anahita D. Sinor.