Licencee to tenancy?

At a Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) trustees board meeting today evening the three majority trustees, chairwoman Armaity Tirandaz, trustee Viraf Mehta and Xerxes Dastur proposed moving a resolution to convert all BPP leave and licence agreements into tenancies. This resolution if passed could mean licencees could ask for a return of their deposits and move the courts for standard rent to be paid.
Below is the post the two opposing, minority trustees, Kersi Randeria and Noshir Dadrawala put out tonight. Parsiana sent their post to the three majority trustees and await their response, if any.
   "Mehta put before the board an opinion he had obtained from solicitor Jehangir Mistry (partner, Mulla & Mulla) regarding converting existing leave and licences to rental.
Viraf insisted that trustees read the opinion and the subject be immediately discussed and a resolution be passed.
   "Dadrawala asked the administration to record in the minutes that as an out going board a major policy decision like this should not be discussed.
   "Having recorded their dissent regarding any discussion or resolution on this issue, both Kersi and Noshir left the meeting.
   "It is to be noted that the hearing before Bombay High Court Justices Sharukh Kathawala and Milind Jadhav (re amendments to the election scheme) is tomorrow morning and it was being pushed in haste for very obvious reasons.
   "It's also ironical that today evening itself before Viraf tabled the opinion, Tirandaz in another issue that was being discussed said that as outgoing trustees we cannot decide and let the new board  decide.
Dastur had earlier told Justices Kathwala and Jadhav that no policy decision will be taken before election.
  "Yet, both Xerxes and Armaity stayed quiet today despite Kersi repeatedly asking them to speak up and express their views.
    "This is misuse of position as trustee to take a populist stand just before the upcoming elections and garner votes and extremely unfair to other contestants.
Kersi J Randeria
Noshir H Dadrawala"