Worli Prayer Hall charges waived

The Prayer Hall Services and Maintenance Trust (PHSMT) has discontinued the charge of Rs 6,000 the coordinator was collecting from users for the use and upkeep of the Hall adjacent to the Bombay Municipal Corporation’s electric crematorium at Worli.
"The Trustees realize that this will further strain the limited resources of the Trust, at a time when interest earnings are depressed, but an attempt will be made to enhance the payments to service providers at the Hall. The trustees are sure that the goodwill and generosity of users of the Hall will see us through this difficult phase,” the Trust noted in a public notice cum clarification dated September 23, 2020.
"The amounts which the Trust can afford to pay to the cleaners, watchmen and helpers working at the Hall are extremely low. Since the Trust is not charging for any services provided, it relies solely on the interest earned on its corpus and the small donations it receives from grateful users. Accordingly, it was decided some years ago that (our coordinator) Ervad Framroze Mirza would recover an amount of Rs 6,000 from users of the Hall for gratuities to be distributed amongst various service providers as necessary, in order to supplement their meager earnings and consistently maintain the high level of service and cleanliness that the Trust has always ensured since its inception. Unfortunately, Mirza has had to face uncalled-for criticism and considerable resistance for this payment and has been questioned why this amount is collected in cash and even been asked why he does not give a receipt for the same…
"The PHSMT had over the past few years since it was set up followed a practice of issuing advisories as to the maximum amounts which any priest who carries out ceremonies at the Prayer Hall, and not just Mirza, should charge in respect of the various prayer ceremonies. The charges were meant to be indicative and issued as a guideline from time to time so that some sort of parity was maintained with the charges for similar ceremonies performed at Doongerwadi or in an agiary or atash behram. The trustees have decided to stop this practice forthwith, in view of the uncalled-for accusations levelled against the Trust, coupled with the fact that no other institution is doing so. The Trust has accordingly removed the rate chart from its website.”
Donations may be sent to the Prayer Hall Services and Maintenance Trust (C/o The WZO Trust Funds, C-1 Hermes House, 3rd floor, Mama Parmananand Marg, Opera House, Bombay 400004) or by NEFT/RTGS (for bank details contact prayerhalltrust@gmail.com).