BPP application for acceptance of consent terms rejected by High Court

Bombay High Court Justice A. K. Menon this morning reportedly rejected an application to accept the consent terms pertaining to the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) election scheme signed by the five BPP trustees – Armaity Tirandaz, Noshir Dadrawala, Kersi Randeria, Viraf Mehta, Xerxes Dastur. Menon’s refusal was due to Mehta inking in a condition that the judge’s ruling be "subject to the amendment of the scheme of the election being filed and sanctioned by an order of the Honorable Bombay High Court.”

          The consent terms included elections being held on March 27, 2022 for all seven seats, the present five trustees resigning once the new board is elected and a trustee’s term being shortened from seven to five years with a 10-year limit for the time a trustee can serve in office.