Hospital update - January 25, 2019

Both sides in the proposed Shroff Medical Centre of The Bomanjee Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH) have been reportedly asked by the Charity Commissioner (CC) to file their written replies by February 20, 2019.

Lawyer Khushru Zaiwala and his wife, Meher, have opposed the new cosmopolitan institution to be constructed on the grounds of the PGH and managed by the Gurgaon based Medanta Group. The Zaiwalas filed an application before the CC opposing the PGH-Medanta-Shroff plan alleging "fraud," and "mala fide intent." PGH has denied the allegations as being "false," "baseless and defamatory." A munificent donation of USD 22.5 million (Rs160 crore) by Hong Kong based philanthropists Pervin and Jal Shroff was to fund the proposed new hospital.The proposal was suggested to generate funds from the new venture to subsidize PGH's substantial losses

Businessman Aspi Deboo and activist Zoru Bhatena have also filed a Section 41E application "against PGH, seeking protection of the Trust property from the agreement with Medanta. That matter is separately listed for February 4. However the Jt. Comm was not inclined to club the matters at this stage," stated Deboo in a WhatsApp text to Parsiana this afternoon.

Tired of the delays, both the Shroffs and Medanta had given PGH till March 31 this year to sort out the community conflicts. With each passing day the likelihood of that happening become remoter.

File photo of artist's impression of proposed Centre