If by March 31, 2019 "community issues are not sorted out,” for the new hospital venture of The B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH), "the donors (Jal and Pervin Shroff of Hong Kong) have categorically confirmed that they will withdraw their pledge to donate US $ 22.5 million offer and Global Health Pvt. Ltd has stated that it will also terminate the agreement” states a press release issued on November 14, 2018 by PGH president Homa Petit. "In such a situation, the only losers will be the community and unfortunately the poor and needy, and the responsibility for this disastrous fallout will rest squarely on the heads of the self-appointed critics, for scuttling a well-conceived and thoroughly researched project that would sustain the Hospital (PGH) for the benefit of generations to follow,” he added.

"During last several months, a few persons from the community started raising questions on the viability of the new hospital project. They alleged that the project was ill-conceived and costs inflated. Besides, they said Medanta was not the right selection to operate the new hospital. We did make attempts to clarify various issues raised by them and shared with them, in good faith, details including the financials of the project. Regrettably, some gentlemen have now started personal attacks on social media on the president and some of the executive committee members casting aspersions on our character and integrity,” stated Petit.

The donors are gifting to the Hospital a new building to be used only for the specified purposes. These are:

• The new hospital building of a value of approximately Rs 150 crore will be erected and owned by PGH.

• The state-of-the-art multi-specialty new hospital will be a seven-storey building having an area of 225,000 sq ft.

• No part of the land on which the new hospital is to be erected will be alienated but will continue as a community asset. Medanta will only have operating, equipping and management rights for the new hospital.

• Medanta will initially place an interest free cash deposit of Rs 4 crore from the date of the commencement certificate until the date on which Medanta commences operations of the new hospital. Simultaneously, a bank guarantee of Rs 2 crore will be given by Medanta.

• Medanta will pay a yearly annuity of Rs 12 crore for the first 30 years and if the period is extended, then will pay a yearly annuity of Rs 18 crore for the next 15 years.

• Over and above the annuity, Medanta will pay a sum equivalent to one percent in the first three years, going upto five percent on and from the eighth year of the gross billable revenue without any deduction on any account.

• PGH will not be involved or be responsible for any operational and management matters in the new hospital and Medanta alone will be responsible and liable for day-to-day operations and management and quality of care provided at the new hospital.

• Medanta to give preference to poor, indigent and weaker section of patients referred to Medanta by PGH.

• Medanta will charge such concessional rates as may be mutually agreed by the parties, for specialized treatment to be rendered in the new hospital which is otherwise not available at PGH. Patients can have access to super-specialty facilities at the new hospital and move back to PGH for post-operative stay, thus increasing the occupancy of PGH.

• Medanta will assist the PGH, free of cost, in training the nursing staff and medical personnel attached to PGH.

• All these will be achieved without even one rupee of the Hospital’s funds being used and the Hospital parting with any asset.

"The executive committee appeals to each and every member of the Parsi and the Irani Zoroastrian Community to wholeheartedly support the new hospital venture,” concluded Petit.

Cover picture, Parsiana March 21, 2016 - covering the ground breaking ceremony