Covid and Doongerwadi - Important announcement by Bombay Parsi Punchayet

Happened now

"Our religious leaders and high priests are in agreement that at times like this we can follow the government guidelines,” that specify those deceased "who have specific mention of Covid 19 on their death certificate would not be given a (Bombay Municipal Corporation) death certificate for proceeding further at Doongerwadi,” but would have to be cremated, noted a statement issued by the Bombay Parsi Punchayet ((BPP) tonight. But in such cases "all religious ceremonies (including the four day ceremonies) can be performed at their respective panthaks or agiaries,” the write up added. All non-Covid deaths can continue to be consigned to Doongerwadi.

"The guidelines issued by the department of health clearly mentions various clauses where the body is not to be exposed, cannot be taken out of its protective cover or body bag and no complete or partial unzipping of the body bag (is permitted)...The bodies are also not allowed to be sprayed, washed or embalmed. Our system of disposal requires various touch points with the body during the rituals to be performed,” the BPP trustees note. They further note it is not right "to expose our pall bearers at Doongerwadi (to) the virus.”

The trustees caution that if any cases of Covid 19 were reported at Doongerwadi, the entire area "would be placed under quarantine and we would not be able to consign any other (non-Covid) dead there either.”


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