Calcutta update - May 27

"The city looks devastated. Thousands of trees [including those around the Calcutta Parsi Club (CPC)] have fallen, breaking walls and blocking roads,” noted Club president Prochy Mehta. The falling trees have had a cascading effect -- bringing down overhead electric cables and other communication wires. Many homes are still without electricity and water, she wrote. "Disaster management teams are working 24/7 to restore normalcy. The army and fire brigade services are helping to get the city limp back to normal,” she noted.


Tropical cyclone Amphan has caused widespread damage over East India and Bangladesh. At least 72 people have reportedly died in West Bengal, including 15 in Calcutta (see "Voices from Calcutta,” May 21, below).

The Club’s online activities that were postponed due to poor connectivity as a result of the storm are scheduled to resume on May 29. On the cards are Bingo and a program featuring musician Gary Lawyer. CPC’s bonding activities moved to electronic platforms from March 21, just prior to the nation-wide lockdown to combat the coronanvirus pandemic (see "Locked in but bonded,” May 7, below).

Photo from the grounds of the Club