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  • Flats to let

    A trustee of the Poona Parsee Pancha­yat (PPP) made the...

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  • Felicitating Dastoor - Farrokh Jijina

    Felicitating Dastoor According to Dastur Khurshed Dastoor, Zoroastrian representative on...
  • Dadabhai remembered - Farrokh Jijina

    In addition to the customary garlanding of the statue of...
  • Justice Riyaz Chagla - Farrokh Jijina

    Advocate Riyaz Chagla (pictured) whose forte is company law and...
  • The 101st baby - Farrokh Jijina

    Having successfully availed of fertility assistance earlier, some couples are...
  • Reinstallation - Farrokjh Jijina

    "After a long time such higher liturgical ceremonies were being...
  • “Give more, expect less” - Farrokh Jijina

    A Dae mah jashan was held at the Cowasji Patell...

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  • Tracing the Karkarias - Dr LOUIZA RODRIGUES

    A Short Account of the Karkaria Family with Full Genealogical...




  • Milestones - Roxan Driver

    In order to publish more current Milestones information Parsiana is...


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    "Mr (Sharokh) Sabavala attended meetings with (prime minister Indira) Gandhi...

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