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Bharuch Agiary’s fire

I think the legal fight over the Bharuch Agiary, that too going up to the Supreme Court, was not over the holy fire but concerns the property of the Doongaji Agiary premises. The controversy over the transfer of the Agiary fire to the Agiary in New Bombay could have been easily and amicably solved in a very simple manner by borrowing a part of the Agiary’s fire and placing it at the premises in New Bombay, with the accompaniment of the necessary prayers and rituals. I also fail to understand why the fire temple at New Bombay needed the atash padshah of the Doongaji Agiary only! RUSTOM HAVEWALLA The editors reply: The dadgah fire will continue to burn at the Doongaji Agiary premises so there is no question of "closing it down.”  "Borrowing,” sharing or partitioning a consecrated fire is not in accordance with our religious teachings. Are there any other fires besides that of Bharuch that can be shifted?  ...

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