From the Parsiana Magazine

Date News Headline
21-Jan-2019 The showman
07-Jan-2019 The frogman
21-Dec-2018 The R. M. O.
07-Dec-2018 The perfectionists
21-Nov-2018 The gambler
21-Oct-2018 The joker
07-Oct-2018 James and Elizabeth
21-Sep-2018 The dancer
07-Sep-2018 The magician
21-Aug-2018 The loser
07-Aug-2018 Gentleman at large — II
21-Jul-2018 Gentleman at large - I
07-Jul-2018 The boiwala
21-Jun-2018 The non-conformists
07-Jun-2018 The head clerk
21-May-2018 The Solicitor
21-Mar-2018 The principal
07-Mar-2018 A matter of faith
21-Feb-2018 A very rich lady
07-Feb-2018 The perfect couple