From the Parsiana Magazine

Date News Headline
21-Mar-2020 In his service - I
21-Jan-2020 The hug
07-Jan-2020 The Tavdi bridge
07-Dec-2019 The saint
07-Nov-2019 The parents
21-Oct-2019 The editor
07-Oct-2019 Guardian of the temple
07-Sep-2019 The illegitimate father
21-Aug-2019 The inheritor
07-Aug-2019 The doctors
21-Jul-2019 The Brothers
07-Jul-2019 The high priest
21-Jun-2019 The pallbearer
07-Jun-2019 The philanderer
21-May-2019 The journalist
07-May-2019 The city father
21-Apr-2019 The art teacher
07-Apr-2019 The Avatars
21-Mar-2019 The stud
07-Mar-2019 The hosts