From the Parsiana Magazine

Date News Headline
21-Mar-2022 A healthy, helping hand?
07-Mar-2022 A time for cheer
07-Feb-2022 Communication is the key
21-Jan-2022 Braving the barricades
07-Jan-2022 The Vansda navjotes
07-Jun-2021 Bombay was a different planet
21-May-2021 Navsari lingo - II
07-May-2021 Red hot Navsari
21-Apr-2021 A navar in Navsari
07-Apr-2021 Navsari lingo
21-Mar-2021 Animal farm
07-Mar-2021 Kaajwali Dinamai
21-Jan-2021 The saints
07-Jan-2021 Muttony gluttony
21-Dec-2020 Unsung scholar
21-Dec-2020 Don’t look back
07-Oct-2020 The fighter
21-Sep-2020 The hen and the fox
21-Aug-2020 The lamp case - II
07-Aug-2020 The lamp case - I