The smuggler

1970. The high speed dhows (Arab boats) carrying contraband docked on a deserted coast of Daman. Fabrics, wrist watches, transistors, tape recorders, gold and silver from Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai were loaded onto waiting trucks. He sat in the jeep escorting the trucks to Bombay through octroi checkposts. Seeing him, none stopped the convoy in the middle of the night. After fulfilling his mission, he offered thanksgiving prayers at the local agiary in his hometown in South Gujarat. Import duty was 300% of the original price and smuggling was at its lucrative best. He worked for the infamous Sukur Narain......

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The Bawa or Parsi in this narrative was half Parsi Zoroastrian and half Muslim as he visited the Agiary one day and prayed at the tomb of the so called pir and Allah another day. He also attended the Pir celebrations according to the article. It is most unfortunate that most Parsi Zoroastrians today belong to this Bawa category where the Parsi Zoroastrian individual is half Parsi Zoroastrian and the other half either Christian, Muslim or Hindu as they visit Dargas,Churches, Hindu temples and shrines, Muslim mosques, pirs and durgas one day and attend the Agiary another. It is very unfortunate that these so called dual religion Parsi Zoroastrians are the strongest opponents of a child born to Zoroastrian/non Zoroastrian couple having a sudra kusti or the non Zoroastrian spouse visiting the fire temple or accepting a Zoroastrian convert into the Zoroastrian fold. Mrs Varjavand an American convert who had sudra kusti and died a year ago is an example of a true Zoroastrian not these Bawas
- Shapour B Badri
- 10-Feb-2019