“Temerity and talent”

I have read "Temerity and talent” (Parsiana, April 7-20, 2022) on the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce award I received in 2021 and appreciate the magazine featuring me along with the other awardees. However, my last name is spelt Modi and not Mody. Also a correction needs to be made in a quote from me that was included in the article. I am quoted as saying: "Problems of illiteracy, poverty or gender discrimination are not of the underprivileged alone but of all the marginalized.” This is quite the opposite of what I meant. The correct version of the sentence read out by Dr Dolly Dastoor on my behalf at the Zoom meet to celebrate the event was: "Problems of illiteracy, poverty and gender discrimination are not the problems of the poor and marginalized alone but universal issues that concern us all.”                  ARMENE MODI Poona armene.modi@gmail.com The editors reply: Parsiana regrets the errors.  ...

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