“Merry month of May”

Arnie (Arnavaz) Mehta who wrote "Merry month of May” (Parsiana, February 7-20, 2022), a nostalgic account of her childhood days spent in Davier, is my first cousin (kaka-ni-dikri — father’s brother’s daughter). The house in the photograph was our ancestral home in Davier. In her piece there are references to Gulki (Goolbai), my mother, and to Keku kaka, my father. Mehta has also mentioned that "Keku kaka’s children Rati, Adi, and Fredy (myself) were closest to us, and with them we enjoyed a happy, carefree and fun filled childhood.” So true! Mehta also refers to our teachers, Bhagwanji and Premo (the......

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