Mockery of Zoroastrianism

Nobody owns the religion/ So dictating what/ Someone can do/ Goes against the very thread/ Of the tenets of Zoroastrianism. Equality as well as universality/ Are the very core of our/ Religion, so preventing someone/ From following the religion/ Smacks of racism, discrimination/ Bigotry as well as exclusion. Zoroastrianism is shifting/ Into quicksand/ So trying to make the/ Blue bloods understand/ Is like breaking one’s head/ Against a stone wall. Only when catastrophe strikes/ Will they understand that He/ Won’t be there when the last/ Teardrop falls, with the/ Omicron virus alive and kicking. Acts like these do not/ Go unpunished/ ’Cause there is a consequence/ One will only realize it/ When He gives the punishment/ He sees fit. Can one pay cash/ Or credit card/ To secure a place/ In heaven? That’s not how/ Ahura Mazda operates/ He believes in/ Equal justice for all/ No matter who you be/ Of what color, caste, religion or creed.                FARIDA BAMJI Ottawa, Canada ...

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