“Salute to Sadeh”

Having read the item "Salute to Sadeh” (Zoroastrians Abroad, Parsiana, January 7-20, 2024), I would like to point out some misinformation which has unfortunately found its way into the archives of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The agency has recognized Sadeh (pictured) as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, for which we should be grateful, but I do hope they correct their records. To claim that the 100 of Sadeh refers to the 50 days and 50 nights before Navroz is incorrect. It is sad to see how so many scholars and prestigious institutions repeat an incorrect narrative......

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With due respect.
Relating ancient Mazda Yasna festivals to MYTHS is an insult to the Science and knowledge of our ancestors. Myths may sound patriotic but it takes away from the Wisdom that our ancestor possessed and used it as per the encouragement in the Gathas. All our festivals are in recognition of the Truth that is embedded in Asha. Their names indicate the exact day of celebration which are all landmarks in Nature.

We should refrain from repeating the misinformation we find in our history and in our Religion. Just because a scholar has said so we should not believe instead make use of our WISDOM to analyze and see if it is true. Zarathustra in the Gathas requires us to be SEEKERS not BELIEVERS. http://zarathushticalendar.com/
- 11-Feb-2024


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