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Options for PGH

Now that Jal and Pervin Shroff of Hong Kong have officially withdrawn their magnanimous financial pledge of USD 22.5 million, the management of The B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH) [founded by Bomanjee Dinshaw Petit (pictured)] will have to think of other ways in which to save this institution. While most members of the community consider the withdrawal of the offer a golden opportunity wasted, a few consider it a blessing in disguise. The PGH is very dear to the hearts of community members in India and abroad who will stand by the management to develop the ailing institution and......

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Every plan well wishers come up with, will have the nay sayers threatening with court action. First have a plan B to combat those negative elements!
- Homee J Wadia
- 07-Dec-2019


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