The sands of time

Despite the misgivings, many Parsis do welcome the non-Parsi spouse
Dr Rajesh Parikh

Ever since I remember I have been surrounded by Parsis. My mother had a few close Parsi friends and my dad, an obstetrician and gynecologist was mentored by Zoroastrian doctors like Nergish Motashaw and Kaikhushroo Masani. Over the years they became family to us and when I met Firuza, my wife, I discovered she was related to Drs Motashaw and Bomsi Wadia who were indeed very kind to both of us. Several of Bombay’s legendary Parsi doctors have been close family friends of ours. My maternal grandmother, a proud Rajput woman, was widowed within two years of her marriage, a year......

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Dr Parikh, Your essay brought tears to my eyes. As a Parsi, let me say the feeling is mutual. Same affection I have, as a Parsi, for India, the land of my birth. Incidentally, we met long ago in New Jersey, at relatives of Firuza's.<br><br>-- Porus Cooper
- Porus Cooper
- 12-Sep-2021