“We were content”

Jer Sarkari, 97, happily shared details of her school days and even sang a song in praise of her alma mater
Farrokh Jijina

When Jer Sarkari (née Ghista) was enrolled in the Bai B. S. Bengallee Girls’ High School, the monthly fee was one-and-a-half rupees. But since there were two other siblings, Dina and Dhun, the principal, Jerbanoo Dalal, gave them a bulk discount. "Amé tann béhno ni fee saara taan rupiya hati (The fee for us three sisters was three-and-a-half rupees).” Over a cup of tea and biscuits at her Cusrow Baug residence, Sarkari agreed to go for a walk down memory lane with Parsiana on January 20, 2022, a few months short of her 98th birthday. The meeting was arranged by......

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