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“Metro stay lifted”

I am not a tunneling engineer, nor an advocate, nor a priest. I am a Zoroastrian, and the vastly contrasting views of eminent scholars and know-alls in our community have left me with an increasingly puzzling conundrum regarding the tunneling work being carried out by the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) for Metro 3 which is slated to pass under the H. B. Wadia Atash Behram and alongside the Anjumanna Atash Behram. The MMRCL tunneling machines are boring their way towards the two Atash Behrams since the Bombay High Court did not "find it appropriate to withhold the infrastructure......

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All this talk of the underground tunnel does not make any sense. 7/24hours each week thousands of pedestrians plus hundreds of motor vehicles pass the fire temple the distance from the footpath and roads on which they walk or ply to the temple fire is less than the distance from the underground tunnel to the temple fire.
- Shapour B Badri
- 18-Jan-2019


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